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Bigvinny Relocation Project Day 3

Leaving Salt Lake City…. Wow.. what a gorgeous, clean, and friendly town! We went up into the mountains (Snowbird, Alta, Catherine Pass, etc) and drove around. We were actually able to drive up to 10,000 ft before being stopped by a gate.



I got smart and thought… Hey… I can open the sunroof and extend my tripod through, so I can get above-car shots….Here’s a particularly nice shot that turned out..

To see the behind the scenes, check out the video posted on My facebook…

Then Tats and I went to visit Walter Wray at the University of Utah. When I was an undergrad at UCSD I worked with Walt and Russ Richardson in Vascular Research… They’ve since moved their lab to the VA.

Ultrasound Doppler and Knee Extensor Ergometer

Then we had lunch with some grad students from the Exercise and Sports Science (ESS) department at “The Point,” a nice restaurant unlike any hospital cafeteria I’ve ever seen, in the Huntsman Cancer Center, on the North Campus of the Medical School of the University of Utah. Great view of the city…
































Tatsuya looking out over SLC thinking… “I might just move here…” (seriously).




We then Left for Helena, MT…. on a 475 mile, 7+ hour journey that took us through Idaho…. snooze…. Trucks… Bugs on the windshield… But curiously full cell phone reception













Crossing into Montana the scenery automatically gets more interesting:

We decide that we won’t get into Helena in time for any restaurants to still be open, so we Yelp’d a cool little steak house in Butte, MT.

Awesome food… great steaks should be ordered Rare (Rare+ in my case). Tatsuya likes his run through a warm room… or “Body Heat Restored” as Mike would say. Best Filet Mignon I’ve had to date. 😛 And I’d know! Stop by this place: Derby’s in Butte, MT if you’re ever driving through.

Finally, we’re at the Red Lion Colonial Hotel in Helena, where I finished off the night with a local brew: Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, brewed in Missoula.

Tomorrow: International border crossing into Canada! Our posts on Facebook and stuff will probably be less plentiful once we cross…. Wish us luck!


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  1. Nice blog.
    Good luck on your relocation project 🙂

    August 24, 2011 at 2:19 am

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