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Bigvinny Relocation Project Day 4

WORDPRESS DELETED MY WHOLE NARRATIVE GAHHHHH…. Since it;s 2:30AM MTN now….. I’ll post pics and will fill in the rest later.

Leaving Helena and the Red Lion Colonial Hotel

2 Gate to the Mountains

3 Gate to the mountains, pier view

4 “Road Trip”

































5. Lunch Stop in Augusta…. PS Small Town Montana has some of the nicest people!!!

6 Lunchtime – Fried Gizzards with the spiciest mustard  outside of Philippes in LA (Shawn!)

7 Glacier National Park – Sunroof mounted Cam

8. $25 bucks for a day pass? I’ll come back later…

9. Alberta Border… Super nervous to get my car tossed! Thanks to dad for his super organizing magic in the car.. and to Nicole! (shoutout!)

10. I survived! Study permit good until Aug 31 2015

111. Southern Alberta is FLAT FLAT FLAT. Tatsuya slept a good 3 hours….

112. WE GOT SOOOOO LOST IN CALGARY. Downtown Calgary!

Tomorrow: VIsiting Matiram at University of Calgary, Hypoxia Chamber experiment!

Skee ya!


One response

  1. Hi Vince,

    I like your substitute for the Weblog. Your photographs are great and tell the story.

    Bill Miller

    August 25, 2011 at 11:25 am

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